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Korean Silk Market~

March 1, 2013

Today was spent hunting in the warren of Seoul fabric market for a gift to present my fashion designer friend in Paris. Wished to give something uniquely Korean, not typical, fun, and useful.
Ended up buying 15 yards of red, blue, and natural 본견 (bon gyeun) silk which is used for Korean traditional clothes called hanboks. This particular silk is sheer and slightly rough like scrim. Very light and more structural than organza.
Hopefully my friend will have fun playing with it out of context!

Pardon the terrible iphone photos. No proper camera out with me today~

명주 myeong joo, basic high quality silk for Korean hanboks. Opaque with a slight gloss finish. Come in short rolls in every color.

본견 bon gyeun, silk which is sheer and structural. Polyester hanbok fabric mimic its weight but the color looks far more synthetic to the silk’s more natural hues.

셍명주 sang myeong joo style silk. More opaque with a subtle water pattern.

Measuring out the yards with a bamboo stick.

Thanks to The Say Me for personally introducing me to these sellers. Check out her loungewear that uses luxury fabrics that also include some Korean traditional silk.

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